Green Roofing

At CP Roofing we offer a wide range of products and services. One area that is increasing in popularity is Green Roofing, otherwise known as sedum roofs, turf roofs, roof gardens or living roofs. There are 3 main types of green roofs;

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Intensive Green roofs

An intensive green roof gives the building owner the opportunity to convert a flat and unused roof top into a useful and valuable amenity space. Planters, paving, decking and turf are used to re-create the features found in a ground level garden. However, this type of system has a high maintenance regime.

Bio-diverse Green roofs

A Bio-Diverse green roof is designed to re-create lost brown field sites. In the UK we have whole eco-systems reliant upon unused urban sites. Bio-diverse roofs are an effective method to encourage natural flora and fauna back to our urban areas.

Extensive Green roofs

The purpose of an extensive green roof is to replace the footprint of permeable land that is used by the building. Apart from infrequent maintenance work an extensive Sky-Garden Green roof is not designed to bear foot traffic.

Green roofs can deliver many benefits. Whatever may motivate you to consider a Green roof project, be it sustainability, ecology, aesthetics or amenity space, based on our experience and engineering expertise we can assist you to chose a scheme tailored to your needs.

Advantages and Performance Data

  • Improves energy efficiency, reduces heat loss etc.
  • Reduces acoustic transmission (noise level).
  • Removes CO2 from the atmosphere, slowing down greenhouse effect.
  • Slows water run-off aiding urban drainage.
  • Provides green spaces, thereby improve human well being and aesthetics.
  • Relatively low maintenance.
  • Creates a sustainable environment.

For more information on how we can add a green roof to your home or business, please get in touch.

5 Stage Example of Green Roofing

Evalon V Single Ply Membrane
Wheal Friendly Gardens, Torquay
Protection Fleece and Drainage Board
Packed Soil and Substrate
Unpacked Soil and Substrate
3 Species Sedum
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