Liquid applied waterproofing systems


Alsan RS

Widopan 10

Roof surfaces are subject to continual attack from the weather and from environmental pollution. During the lifespan of a roof the surface is subjected to continual movement and degradation, which if left unchecked, will lead to premature roof failure.

Alsan and Widopan manufactures a range of tough PMMA, seamless liquid applied roofing membranes which have been proven in virtually every possible roofing situation and dry in only 20 minutes! They provide excellent durability and are used throughout the world for full roof coverage on all types of roof, designed for use on both new build and refurbishment projects. As such this system has been used on garage floors to give a clean and dust free surface. For more information, please speak to one of our trained technicians to give you free advice on what system will best suit your roof.