Photovoltaic Solar Roofing

With ongoing concerns of global warming and ever increasing energy costs, CP Roofing is well aware of the need to resort to renewable energy as an efficient way to power your homes. 

As a company we can supply a variety of panels to suit your requirements;

  • Mono-crystalline
  • Poly-crystalline
  • Amorphous/Thin film

We are approved by a variety of manufacturers and have the ability to install on both pitched and flat roofs. Our speciality of course on flat roofs! With unique mounting bars that do not penetrate the waterproofing system we ensure we supply high quality materials that can be installed on an existing or brand new roof surface - which doesn't affect the integrity of the waterproofing system. With the necessary wind uplift calculations, you can have peace of mind that your panels are securely fixed to your roof and your roof is still 100% watertight!

With electricians that are MCS approved we install any solar panel on any surface with minimal fuss using high quality products. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any of your solar requirements.

The Alwitra roofing system has also released a timely innovation, Evalon Solar which is a high performance single ply roofing membrane has been integrated with flexible and lightweight photovoltaic (PV) modules. The result is a multipurpose roof covering which offers:

  1. 1
    Proven protection against the weather, plus
  2. 2
    The generation of electric power from solar energy for significant energy savings

The triple junction solar cells consist of layers of amorphous silicon vapour deposited on a stainless steel substrate (negative) and a pick up grid (positive). Each of the three silicon layers uses a different wavelength of solar light.

All electrical connections are located on the underside of the membrane and therefore do not penetrate the roof covering. Inverters with simple yet reliable plug-in connectors are mounted to the underside of the roof.

This system is therefore classified as a Building Integrated Product and is looked upon favourably by the Department of Trade and Industry (D.T.I) when it comes to awarding grants available through the Energy Savings Trust (E.S.T) for solar installations.
CP Roofing through its technical team would be pleased to guide you to find a roofing solution which is energy efficient and affordable.

Advantages and Performance Data

  1. 1
    The worlds first solar power-generating roofing membrane
  2. 2
    20 year performance guarantee
  3. 3
    Proven protection of buildings from the elements coupled with generation of clean energy from sunlight
  4. 4
    Evalon Solar Membrane follows almost any roof shape
  5. 5
    Needs no glass or heavy frames
  6. 6
    Low weight per unit makes it suitable even for lightweight roof construction
  7. 7
    Output up 20% higher than similarly-rated crystalline solar cells makes it ideal for roofs in less than ideal locations
  8. 8
    Creates a sustainable environment