CP Roofing Products and Services

Waterproofing Systems

We can fully waterproof any roof including single ply membranes, liquid applied systems and high performance torch on felt.

Sedum Roofing

One area that is increasing in popularity is Green Roofing, otherwise known as sedum roofs, turf roofs, roof gardens or living roofs

Solar Roofing

With ongoing concerns of global warming and ever increasing energy costs, CP Roofing is well aware of the need to resort to renewable energy as an efficient way to power your homes.

High Quality
Balcony Refurbishments

With many apartment blocks having been built in the 1960’s through to the 1990’s, many buildings have been left behind on both modernisation and building regulations.

Energy Efficient
Subsidiary Items

With the current rise in gas and electricity bills, more people are looking at the options of increasing their roof insulation to try and reduce their fuel costs.

Roof Fabrications

Metal fabrications make up a large part of materials used on most modern sites. Therefore CP Roofing provides a number of products and services also in this field.

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