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RECENT COMMERCIAL PROJECTS (all images copyright CP Roofing/click image for larger version)

SALTERNS WAY, LILLIPUT - This was an incredible opportunity to work with a prestigious Building Contractor on a complex project spanning nearly a year. With its many challenges we were able to achieve an incredible finish on time and on budget. Using the Alwitra Evalon V single ply system as the waterproofing system we were able to offer various edge trims for the aesthetic finish needed, offered in an array of colours.

With the structure being a concrete deck, we fully adhered the vapour control layer and specified the Kingspan tapered insulation system to create the necessary falls on the roof without involving other trades – saving our customer time and money. In the end a superb finish and a happy customer.

Roofing Projects in Dorset and South UK

22 SHORE ROAD, SANDBANKS - This was another fantastic project to be a part of, with its intricate detailing and high aesthetic finish – we were up for the challenge. With the structure being timber frame, it was incredibly important to deliver a watertight building as soon as possible.

We installed a self adhesive vapour control layer, Kingspan TT47 tapered insulation system and the Alwitra Evalon V single ply membrane as the waterproofing system. We were able to achieve a high standard finish in the shortest amount of time, allowing our client to progress with the rest of the project in the dry. The result was a great looking roof and another satisfied customer.

Roofing Projects in Dorset and South UK

DELHI CLOSE, PENN HILL - We were privileged to be awarded the roofing contract for this project. With yet another modern design, this made the waterproofing a difficult task. But with teamwork and craftsmanship it was achieved.

 Using the Kingspan tapered insulation system increased the speed of the roof installation for our client as well as using the versatile Evalon V single ply membrane allowed us to encapsulate the entire second floor – over parapet walls and door thresholds reducing the likelihood of water ingress from other areas. What a fantastic result - even though the beautiful workmanship was hidden under pebbles! Great project to be a part of and one which will always be remembered.

Roofing Projects in Dorset and South UK

SILVERCROFT, WEST BEXINGTON - A unique opportunity to waterproof and Sedum this large extension in the scenic area of West Bexington, Dorset. Having worked with this Building Contractor for many years we able to deliver exactly what they required on time and on budget.

We used a high quality single ply membrane to waterproof the extension and later installed an extensive green roof for our ecological customer. The sedum laid encourages wildlife, slows water run-off and of course adds oxygen to our atmosphere. Even though this is not an urban area, its beauty all year round especially in bloom along with the environmental benefits are welcome anywhere!

Roofing Projects in Dorset and South UK

DOWNSIDE CLOSE, CHARMOUTH - Having been highly recommended to our customer doing a ‘self build’ it really was exciting being part of a project in the beautiful location of Charmouth, Dorset. With his skills in carpentry he had given us a wonderful platform to lay our waterproofing build up.

Using a 1200 gauge polythene as a vapour control layer and flat board insulation we then waterproofed using Alwitra Evalon V. Terminating the edges using the EVA drip details gave a fantastic finish. A modern looking build on a modest budget; you can’t ask for more than that. It wasn't difficult attending site with that view!

Roofing Projects in Dorset and South UK

Please see below another small selection of roofing projects we have been contracted with in and around Dorset. These include some prestigious properties such as Winchester University, the Holiday Inn and various Sandbanks properties. If you are looking for a new roof, rebuild or refurbishment, please get in touch for a free quote.

  • Holiday Inn, Morn Hill
  • Winchester University
  • 55 surrey Road
  • 24 Shore Road
  • Loungers
CP Roofing Projects in Dorset

34 Southbourne Grove


X-teva single ply membrane laid over existing asphalt roof

270 m2